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Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013 was done and dusted. Thank you very much for your cheering.

Important Announcement

Mr. Takashi Yanase passed away on October 13.

He had been concerned with Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) for a long time as Vice Chairman.

And, he made our official character "Att-kun" at 10th Anniversary of TAF.

We are all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Mr. Takashi Yanase and we would like to offer our deepest sympathy.

Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee Secretariat


Produced by TheBERICH
Director: Kazuhide Miyasaka
TheBERICH is a creator group who live in Uozu City in Toyama Prefecture, Japan.
The characters in their works are often cited as exuding foreigner-like coloring and modeling.
Comedy animation is the duo's strong suit.
They handle all aspects of production; direction, scripting, animating and backgrounds character design, voice actor and music.

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Actual Footage

[ Opening Movie ]

[ Digest Movie ]

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